Modular Square - "some surprises not to be missed"

OK Olivier, we want a new contest, for all those who can’t make it to France this weekend , to be able to guess what the “surprises not to be missed” will be?

I will start the guessing - this post has stuck in my mind for some time. My prediction is that Mutable Instruments has formed a new alliance with Roland, to rescue it from the depths of lameness, to compete with Korg in its newfound analog revival.

Do I win?

I think it’s Mutable Instruments shocking surprise announcement that they’ve licensed the high-tech DWGS and OPL3 synthesis methods from Korg and Yamaha. The new product is to be called the Devolver™ The first buyers will receive official Devo headgear and some spuds.

Are we not men? We are DEVO. D E V O…

A sampler. At least thats what I wanna hear.

Modular interfaces for Raspberry Pi with custom rt-lowlatency-OS. Eurorackable.

I am guessing the debut of the MI programmer for the Shruthi. And some more modules to be announced.

Maybe it had something to do with this

A Eurorack module to once again bring alive the sounds of the Singing Ringing Tree


Because i’m so observant, I know FOR SURE he’s going to announce a 12 voice DIY synth and give his home phone number to ever single person who buys one so he can walk them through step…by…step…

No, seriously, step…by…step…make a damn MI Step Sequencer!

I’ve always wondered how they made that resonance sound melody in ‘REZ’

Well, since Olivier has not chimed in, I can only take it to mean that one of us is correct, and he doesn’t want to spoil the surprise. Of course, it’s likely to be @sammy123’s guess re: the MI Shruthi Programmer, but I’d love it to be the “Voodoo Ray 1000”, co-released by Roland/Mutable/Gerald. :wink:

We shall see!

Sorry to be so boring with my guess. :wink:

Olivier will bring self baked CupCakes and CakePops.

i will be there :slight_smile:

@dnigrin: in fact i’m pretty sure it means that each and everyone of you is right!

what’s more: every single thing predicted in this thread will automatically come true!

so, go on predicting good things!

So…? what was the surprise?

Shruthi XT and CVpal in flesh, Braids firmware update and easter egg demo…

@pichenettes Any photos or videos made available somewhere yet ?

Yes, everything was recorded by modular square - just give them some time to edit and polish it. It’ll be on their blog