Modular News - Someone is back

with new modules
Peter Grenader

Cool! I just hope that production, schedules and the business side of things will work for him this time around. Gonna get some M15 VCOs and the wave splicer at least if the full kaboodle is brought back.

Still on the fence about this M27.

@jojjelito - I am just suprised no one to a contract out on him :wink:

What he did with the m15 and m37 reissues through Skinny Puppy’s Cevin Key/Subconscious communications did right a lot of wrongs-his royalties werre pledged first and foremost to outstanding creditors (most notoriously Elby’s Laurie Biddulph who was owed $6000) and as far as I know all debts were paid off. Still doesn’t give great confidence that he’s learned how to run a business-he really needs someone else to do that…also the prices that were being charged for PlanB stuff way back when just aren’t sustainable now, so handing off manufacturing would seem to be the smart thing to do.