Modular live patching

hello there,
i’m curious about the possibilities of live patches. my main concern is, let’s say i’ve got an oscillator such as plaits which is directly sending audio to the output - will the pitch of plaits change as soon as i plug in a cable even when the other end of the cable is still hanging loose? i guess the same counts for pitch changes on clouds or rings etc.
many thanks

If you unplug the cable carrying the V/O signal, yes, the oscillator will immediately change pitch. A cable hanging loose will cause the module to behave as if it was receiving 0V.

You can avoid that by using a S&H module clocked by a fast clock. Stop the clock (or unplug the clock’s cable) and the S&H will hold the CV it was receiving on the S&H CV input. Then you are free to connect another signal to the S&H CV input, and re-enable (or re-patch) the clock for the output of the S&H to let its input go through again.

You can easily use two spare channels of Stages for that :smiley:

Another option: Use a crossfader (or a two-channel mixer, or a switch) the same way a DJ will play a track on a deck and prepare the next one on another deck.

Let’s say your oscillator is controlled by a CV going to the channel 1 of your mixer (gain to the maximum / channel unmuted). The output is patched to your oscillator’s V/O input. Now you want to control the pitch of the oscillator by another source… Plug this other source to the channel 2 of the mixer, and quickly mute (or attenuate) channel 1 while unmuting (or amplifying) channel 2. If you use a crossfader, you swiftly crossfade from 1 to 2. If you use a switch, you simply flip the switch to go from channel 1 to channel 2.

Now the oscillator is receiving the CV from channel 2, channel 1 is muted (or inactive), and you can prepare your next CV source to be patched into channel 1…

For 59€ this might be a very companion to your live-patching adventures!


Great idea, I use a Doepfer A151 quad sequential switch with Plaits and also use Pamela New Workout clock for trigger input on the module to split the signal and add rhythm variation. I did an experiment today patching the out from Plaits to my HexVCA and then the aux output from Plaits to the model input for a random noise generator patch. Good stuff! I also love your Kinks/Links modules super useful.