Modular eurorack

Has anybody used filterboard on euro synth? Sorry for the question, but do I always need a digitalboard or sideckick for each filterboard?
I have finished my first shruthi few hours ago and I have pcb of sideckick, SSM2044 flter and DIgital filter. i have to choose what is the next DIY.
Thanks to all.

You may drive 2 Filters in Parallel with one Digital board.

Hi, thanks for replay. How can I do that? Splitting 8pin connector? And for alimentation?

Yups, just split the Connector and Power the 2nd Filters onboard PSU. Personally i do not split the +5V Line…

Thanks fcd72. If I have understood I don’t split +5V in 8pin connector, and I put usual alimentation in the socket. It would be easier to use only one alimentation from wall and bridge 0 +5V and perhaps -5V to some points. I think 500mA are ok for one digital board and two filterboards. What do you think about?

Thats the other way, just use one of the Power Supplys and connect +5V GND and -5V to the second one, but that could exceed the LM1054s max Power output, depending on what filters you intend to use…

Yes, you are right. We have to know power draw of the filters.
Thank you.

At most 40mA (and it’s a very large estimate) on the +/- 5V rails.

Thank you Pichenettes. Have you ever think about eurorarack modular? I think that sideckick would be adpted easy (not by me perhps).

When I’ll have the space to have an eurorack system at home and be very familiar with it, with a good feel of how control should be laid out, what kind of inputs are expected etc, I might consider doing modules. At the moment I absolutely don’t like the idea of developing something “because of the market”. I only develop things I use.

The point of the Sidekick is to reuse a Shruthi-1 filter board into a standalone “filter box”. There are already dozens of envelope generators and LFOs in eurorack format doing the same thing, I don’t see the point of building yet another one!

I agree. Modular by the way is now a wild frontier also for people who dream and design their ideas.
I saw here often the flame of genius.