Modular eurorack meets Eyesy

I’ve just jamming around my modular, mostly mutable instruments and critter and guitari Eyesy for visuals.

Elements set in omnious mode, Rings on chord mode, Plaits on inharmonic strings thru Clouds. Kick from Plonk .
Elements and rings sequenced by René. Plonk and Plaits sequenced by Pamela’s New Workout.

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Nice !
Thanks for sharing.
What do you use for your pan effect ?

Hi, I didn’t use nothing special for pan effect, just using odd and even output from rings, the same for Plaits (using main and aux output), and stereo output from elements. So I send one output from each module to left channel and another to right channel from stereo main mix.

Ok it’s funny I believed that you spent a lot of time patching modulations for pan. :grinning:
Thanks !