Modular community in Lyon (France)


I will be moving to Lyon (France) in September as my wife (who is French) has a new job there.
I am looking for being part of the modular/electronic music in the city and I though I would start from this forum (and the monome forum as well) to see if there are any people gravitating around the world of modular and monome.

I am learning French (as I will have to find a job as well) so please be patient with me.
I know how French value their beautiful languange and I have all the best intention to learn it to my best but for the moment it will be quite broken.

Hope to hear from many.

Hi, there a facebook group about an event every month at Lyon called Voltage control, next one this Wednesday
Tronkson 110 Montée de la grande côte
69001 Lyon

That is amazing!
Thank you very much!
I have just applied to the group.

I used to run this in London

So this kind of events is what I love!

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