Modern lovers precise order?

This is a random and trivial question but I’ve been studying the shruthi manual recently while experimenting with combining modulations, and one thing keeps bugging me.

The modulation sources are, in modern lovers precise order:

The modulation destinations are, in modern lovers precise order:

What on earth is “modern lovers precise order”? It looks like there’s a record with a similar name, but what relevance does it have to modulation sources? or list orders? Is it an in-joke I’m too young to understand, or just plain surrealism?

I’ve always wanted to ask that, but didn’t want to be the first :wink:

I too went down that google hole once. Now its going to bug me all day…

Good to know it’s not just me! @pichenettes, care to elaborate?

It’s something you’ll hear a lot between songs when listening to live recordings of the Modern Lovers.

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