Modemachines SID Groovebox

You’ve probably all seen this already but in case you’ve missed it:
Looks like they made a SID version of the XoX, now the bit I find interesting is this: according to CDM only the first 300 will be made with actual MOS/Commodore SID chips, the rest will employ some Polish SID chip clone. Does anybody know anything about this clone? Never heard about it before…

Im guessing its:

The clone is called SwinSID, it is an ATMega based emulation on a chip. But it also has some extra features like stereo mode.

The nano SwinSID is similar sized to a normal SID.

But don’t buy it since it is apparently using MIDIBox IP without authorisation?

Although further down the thread it seems it is original. But even so, the person running the company did seem to try to release MIDIBox stuff before without permission.

Also its a drop in replacement, so hopefully you can supply your own sid for these fake 300+ models. Edit: If you get to the end of the thread they deny it uses midibox IP. I jsut got my sammich sid so im indifferent.

At first Mode Machines presented a straight MB-6582 clone as a mockup. This led to lots them getting lots of flak at the MIDIbox forum.

Now, this beast is an AVR-based synth according to its programmer so it’s no MIDIbox clone. It seems there will be proper SIDs powering the first 300, then SwinSIDs. This would be the only viable solution for guaranteed availability going forward. I wish them luck with this box, there’s certainly room for a solution that doesn’t rely on a PC like HardSID and is ready-made, not DIY.

So they are talking about SwinSID! I head about it some time ago, but afaik it’s basically a software emulation of the SID hardware, isn’t it? I was hoping someone would come up with a real SID remake, though I know this is just dreaming, since the production costs would be too high…

SwinSID has its own character, so I wouldn’t write it off.

Actually you’re right, I’ve listened to all the demos and it does sound quite nice and as you said, with its own character.

I’ve heard a lot of good things about the SwinSID, everyone (involved with it) seems to be incredibly anal about getting it “just right”… I wouldn’t worry about it :slight_smile:

well also has one huge advantage over the original SID: a lot less noise! :slight_smile:

is it really an advantage?

Well there’s various types of noise, the original 6581 has some crosstalk and the envelopes don’t close fully so you get oscillator bleed.

With the audio input grounded they’re a lot less noisy.

The SwinSID filter is obviously digital, but then the SID filter was always a bit weak.

I was referring to the quite high noise level in the signal, you know the one you hear when no sound is playing. I can’t see much advantage in that.

Well that noise is almost eliminated by not having a SID chip in such an old computer design and having the input grounded. They didn’t ground the input in the C64 as far as I know, so it’s just there like an antenna receiving interference.

I have the same noise problem in the SammichSID

there is SOME noise but its not nearly as bad as a real c64. Thanks no video chip!

SwinSID also gives you extra waveforms! And midiboxSID supports em!

Exactly, so it goes beyond what the sid could do. If only someone would make something like the SID would have been, Bob Yannes was aiming for 32 voices.

Wow, well, he had a long way to go, given he only got as far as 3 (or 1 3-osc voice, depending how you view the single filter)…
Not knocking the SID, mind you. I recently dug out my SammichSID again, and it does sound nice, I have to say.