Modding korg wavestation ad

I have a korg wavestation ad and I got hold of a vector joystick from a korg wavestation keyboard cheap. I was hoping it would be the same value pots but simply a bigger version so I could just plug it straight into the pcb (after measuring the resistance to make sure it was the same values if that’s even possible) as the joystick on the ad is pretty useless as Its action is to small to do intricate movements and because of the depth of the ad i have had to position it in a place that is awkward to get to the joystick. After opening up the wavestation I realised that it wasn’t quite that straightforward as the joystick on the ad is combined with another pot/pots on its connector (not sure what yet as it also involves dis assembling the font panel which seems quite in depth).

My question is does this sound feasible if the pots are of the same value (from what I understand the ad controls are basically the same as the ex but miniaturised). If not would there be some way of adding resistors to the variable resistor to change the resistance to be the same (assuming the replacement joystick is of lower resistance values). I just wanted to get some opinions on wether this sounds like it could work and what problems I might encounter before going to the hassle of dis assembling the front panel.

My main concerns were :

Would there be calibration issues ?
Would it be necessary to completely disconnect the built in joystick to prevent an offset ?
Could doing this damage the wavestation or un calibrate it rendering it an expensive door stop ?
As it will probably involve cutting wires etc if it didn’t work as intended would it work correctly after undoing the mods ?

I appreciate that these question can probably not be answered 100% accurately unless someone else has done this mod but I was really just after opinions from people who clearly have a better grasp of this than I do.

Any advice will be much appreciated

@Beatfreq: I believe that either the Wavestation keyboard or a Yamaha synthesizer with the vector joystick can provide the same control over MIDI. No need to put in a joy stick and potentially damage your AD. Or, you can send CCs from your DAW if you want to send complex recorded signals. I think they are 18 for the Y axis and 19 for the X axis off the top of my head. I think.


Also, adding a fixed offset to the joystick pot will just end up in a weird response VS the actuator movement. Adding a resistor across the joystick pot will skew the response into more of a log/exp character that also screws with the actuator response.

And yes, connecting the new joystick together with the old will create interesting issues too.

It’s better to leave it be in favor of mapping some other controllers like a joystick or a X-Y pad on your MIDI controller of choice. The Novation X-Y pad works well for this, there’s similar stuff or joysticks on some Korg controllers. Just get something that you’re happy with and use that instead.

Ok I am am considering getting a tg33 to accompany my ry30 (no more room for full size keyboards) and your right it definately can control the wavestation but they are going for silly money and hard to obtain and I believe they are extremely difficult to coax good sounds out of (but they sound amazing when programmed correctly)

I have may midi controllers but none with a joystick and those fader foxes also seem very pricey for what they are and the joystick again is very small) as I would only want the joystick (really wanted the joystick experience with the wavestation) or just use xy pads on the ipad but don’t think it will be the same.

I guess the upside is the value of the tg33 will probably only increase over time so my next question which is now in the wrong thread is does anyone want to sell me there tg33 :wink:

It’s a shame there aren’t more smaller reasonably priced controllers with joysticks :frowning:

Get a Korg Kaos pad and use that? :slight_smile:

@ jojjelito I wasn’t aware of korg controllers with joysticks, can you name any that have a small footprint and a reasonable quality and size joystick ?

@ 6581 punk

I have considered getting a kaos pad I understand they are quite flexible but would it overlap my ipad a lot (4th gen)

Well, the kaos is more tactile IMHO.

@Beatfreq: I use a Korg Microkey 25 for USB/laptop duties. Its joystick is probably based in some gamepad joystick, it’s only slightly bigger than what’s on the A/D but large enough to be playable.

For some full size joystick and keys I use the Prophet VS, but that’s hardly economical and it’s non-working aftertouch keybed isn’t ideal. You have the CME Bitstream 3, or some of the very nice Novations with semi-weighted keys (on some series) and their X-Y pads.

Then you have the Solaris which is full-size everything, including the price tag/sticker shock :stuck_out_tongue:
Some MIDIbox NG DIY solution could be made… There are also some other special controllers that might do in a pinch.

@ 6581 punk

Ok and that would also free up my ipad too, any particular kaos pad that is best to go for ?

Am I righ in saying that they also offer fx and sound mangling as well ?

  • the WS Keyboard is far superior the VS one. For the Sound its the other way round and i don’t mean to diss the WS in any way. I wish i would own as much VS as WS :wink:

@ jojjelito I have just had a look at the micro key and it is cheap enough to consider but I don’t think i would use the keyboard section as I absolutely love my arturia analog factory 32 key keyboard and also use my alpha juno 1 for transmitting its chord memory over midi as well (wish the juno 2 was smaller, might upgrade to an mks 50 when I see one cheap enough) but until then I think 2 keyboards is enough.

Really wasn’t after another keyboard as very limited with space.

@Beatfreq: The Korg Pad Control has an XY pad too. Plus bonus drum pads… Sans keybed. Those Arturias are way nicer mechanically than the plastic USB contraptions so it’s understandable why you don’t want to give that up.

@ fcd72 I strongly considered getting a vs as I think the value wil continue to rise justifying the cost but decided if I was gonna spend that much I would probably get either a poly evolver or an mks 80 or 70 but my mrs would kill me.

I have the arturia jupiter emulation which I like but have read mixed reviews about the vs emulation.

Is the tg33 worth the cash it’s going for nowadays ?

@ jojjelito

Yes I have the older 32 key version which I much prefer to the newer 25 key version.

Even though the newer on is more flexible and has more controls the analog factory is lovely to look at and use and I like the fact that the controls are labelled and preset to standard cc’s.

I also was lucky enough to get the deal with the one so I got the Jupiter emulation for free as well.

The keyboard is made by cme and is a pleasure to use, the only gripes I have with it is you can’t save your custom configurations and the relative pickup mode doesn’t work plroperly when using it as a vst with analog factory software.

Oh one other gripe with the analog factory is the sustain seems to have some weird mapping and doesn’t work properly with the native software but hey oh it’s a lush controller and I’m no pianist so 32 keys is enough for me anyway plus it has a full transpose range and even sends program change messages to browse patches on other synths with dedicated buttons. (No bank select though)

@ 6581 punk

I have looked at kaos pads and they seem quite pricey but the mini kaos pad is very cheap.

Are the mini ones any good ?

What else can kaos pads do other than being an xy controller ? (Just a rough idea of useful applications not full specs)

Are the bigger ones worthy the extra cost ?

i kind of like the look of the TG33 too but I saw someone actually holding one and they’re actually surprisingly big so careful if you have space issues…

@Beatfreq: The TG33 is awesome. I do use it as a CC joystick a lot, haha. If you love the sound of cheap toy keyboards, it is extremely easy to program because the 2 OP FM waves and the single cycle ROM waves can easily evoke those kinds of tones. It can also have a vector series recorded per patch, and that is a very important feature for the sound. Also, they are fairly big.
A fun fact, if you turn off the unit and haven’t saved your patch, it boots back up to the same page and patch you left it on. It will also greet you every time it turns on; a very polite synth!

However, I think an Aturia Beatstep would work great for this situation as you can assign the X and Y CCs to the knobs, or send a CC recording via USB thought the Beatstep to your Wavestation

One last suggestion, since you have a joystick pot, you can make a dedicated MIDI controller with a pickaxe that will translate the pots to two MIDI CCs. That would be about as difficult as actually putting the pot in the wavestation, and you can use it with other synthesizers!

Ok thanks for the tips guys gonna look into making a controller with picaxe,

anyone got any links for tips or tutorials or a script I can modify for a basic picaxe midi controller just the joystick pots and maybe some more pots as well ?

I had a quick look on the picaxe forum but all the threads i found seem a bit advanced for me at the moment but I am keen to learn but am new to programming.

Maybe someone here has made a pic axe controller that I could modify the code ?

From what I have researched I believe the pots from the wavestation joysticks values are 20k

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated ?

Also any tips in which chip to get and what else I might nee on top of the programming cable ?

It seems from my initial research that the difficult part is understanding the code and calculating values etc, I am a complete newbie to programming.

Many thanls