Modding eurorack anushri to get grids-like outputs?

hi there! love my anushri, love my grids! wondering if i can tap places on anushri’s board to get cv triggers for the BD/SN/HH from anushri’s drum sequencer - that’d be awesome, wondering if it’s possible? if it is it’d be really cool to build a little breakout panel w/3 trig outs!

No, the drum section is entirely in software, so the trigger signals don’t exist anywhere on the board.

There are three spare pins on the PCB (EN / CLK / SER) that could be used to drive a 595 ; and with a bit of code you could output up to 8 triggers and clocks…

Anushri sends individual drums via MIDI out – you can use a Yarns to obtain three triggers from that.

In fact, you can add Yarns to the end of just about any sentence, and it makes things better.

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