Modded Shruthi-1 SMR4 MkII - NoisyLittleBugger Edition


I modded my shruthi some time ago and gave it a suitable new skin. Then I had to drop everything for over a year. Being newly-unemployed, I pulled it back out and took it for a spin to walk-through the mods. I haven’t seen any other videos showing the Shruthi mods in action, so here’s my amateur attempt until a better one comes along.

Modded Shruthi-1 - NoisyLittleBugger

The mods shown in sequence are:

  • 2 x Joysticks taken from broken PS3 controller and mapped to CV ins 1-4. The top joystick controls filter cutoff/q, and the second controls the wavetable positions of both Oscs.

  • 2/4-pole and Bandpass Filter Switches

  • Filter FM, switchable between audio input and Feedback (only feedback FM is shown)

  • Overdrive mod.

The FM and Overdrive get a bit nasty. In a good way :slight_smile:

Also shown is Franks’s UFO Mod using UV leds! They are synced to the LFOs.
Styroflex caps and new OLED to round it off.

I put details of the joysticks mod on my blog - it’s an easy mod that works very well IMO.

Also I provide the SVG file for the case, should anyone else want to give it a try. There are a few caveats, so feel free to ask before you dive-in.

Thanks to Mutable and the community for the tools and advice to allow a shmoe like me to build something like this.

I now have time to finish my other latent projects - a 4x4-pole rack unit, and a MIDIpal master keyboard. Hopefully I’ll finish them soon (the smell of solder is luring me back).


Very, very nice!

Solid and fun looking at the same time - awesome!


Now I’m REALLY impressed


Yup, amazing! I’m rounding up all the unused game controllers in the house now…

Thanks! But all I really did was piece things together from info available here, such as yewtree’s :).

Everyone should give these mods a go - so easy to do and they really extend the tonal range of the Shruthi. Using a joystick to sweep and mix the wavetables always produces great results.

It was the testing ground for what’s coming next.
Went a bit joystick crazy. Almost lost my mind. 8 is more than enough…

You’ll see.

Yep, I love doing just that with the mod wheel and pitch bender or even an external midi controller. :slight_smile:
If the Shruthi didn’t have such great MIDI support, I would have probably done something similar a long time ago.

Also, 8 joysticks? I can’t wait to see that!

Very Good :wink:

Top work! If I come across some old xbox controllers, I’m definitely going to give the joystick mod a try. They wire directly to the CV points? No resistors, etc. needed?

Also see this as a joystick then I see no reason to raise the button what you think?