Have you ever heard of those?

Haven’t checked much of it, but sounds interesting for adding a tiny effect section to your Shruti!

I looked into these like 6 months ago, I was thinking about putting the compressor or distortion inside my micron. I’ve been waiting for demos, but they never got posted. The “mp3 will be posted shortly” has been there forever. They look pretty cool though. Analog delay would be nice with the shruti-1.

what about the tonecore modules…maybe there is a way to use them somehow. They are small and there is a developers kit so that people can create there own dsp effects
the modules and the developers kit

I used the analog delay module to make this:

I’ll do a sound demo for you with the shruti…

And here it is:

Very random, but should give you an idea - it’s noisy, but in a good way. They’re really tuned for guitar pickups, so the level balancing isn’t quite right for synth inputs. The delay level is on a preset on the board, which would be a problem if you didn’t want max delay all the time.
But fun, still.

hey I commented on your vimeo page way back when. I totally forgot about this demo. The delay sounds pretty good with shruti.

So i take it you’d have to attenuate the shruti output to about guitar level for these?

The distortion board looks interesting. I’d probably go with that one if I where to pick one to try.

really interesting! Some overdrive would interest me! Maybe even for the c64…

the inventobox looks like it could be fun too. From the Wired article

“The Inventobox will be out in April. It’s basically a DIY hacking kit that lets intrepid Z.Vex fans mess around with his designs, altering the circuits and creating their own variations on his pedals. $400 gets you the Inventobox kit that contains a pedal with a blank circuit board, a set of modules that reproduce three signature Z.Vex sounds — the Fuzz Factory, the Super Hard-On and his Marshall-style tone stack — plus all the wires, tools and spare parts needed to put them together. There’s also a $300 version that comes without the modules so users can build their own circuits.”

Yes, I attenuated the Shruti signal by turning the volume down a bit.

The Zvex Fuzz Factory circuit is great on synth (and drum loops) - very wild - I built a rather similar 5-knob fuzz from here: and sound good to me…

If you want to get into diy pedals, the Beavis Board is a great place to start.