Modal Synthesis


Nah, it’s just impossible :slight_smile:

It’s easy to do that on the Streichfett because “string”, “brass”, “voice” are just variations of the settings of the same sound engine (various responses of a filter bank, and various mixing amounts of different waveforms/harmonics). It’s pretty much like morphing between different presets.

But you can’t do the same thing on Braids because each entry in the list is a different synthesis model sharing no parameter with its neighbours, so the only way of going smoothly from one to the other is through a crossfade. And crossfading between models sounds very uninteresting -
in particular you have annoying harmonic cancellation effects.


What? You do know there are actually quite a bunch of modules that costs that and more? People buy them. Also when the cost of parts is used as an excuse against feature sets or the sudo limit on features is thusly maintained so as to not have too much in a module the consumer is the person left on the short end of the stick.

This is imo why MI modules are so great. (feature set wise) Their many features. YMMV.

Also I completely disagree that braids had too many features. Beauty of subjectivity I suppose and painting with broad strokes.