Mod streams for 6db/oct?

Hello there, first post on this beautiful forum although ive been lurking for quite some time!

Im Lukas, from Bratislava in Slovakia and Im a Mutable Instruments fanboy.

I’ve owned Streams for a long time now and ive always wondered about the rationale behind choosing a 12db response over a 6db response if the goal was an approach to acoustic instruments’ behavior.
Since im not particularly tech savvy, i thought id ask the more well-versed folks around here.
Do any of you guys think it would be possible to mod a Streams for 6db/oct slope? I think this could likely result in a bit more organic sound since most LPGs have a 6db slope AFAIK.

Cheers and thanks in advance

Replace C40 and C43 by 10p capacitors. You can even try removing them!

Sweet thank you!