Mo' Shruthis, Mo' Problems (solved)

Hello guys,

I finished building a second Shruthi but I’ve got nothing lighting (screen and leds),

I’m using an old (used to work) Digital control board with a newly assembled (Digi FX) filter board, that’s why the screen is soldered already.

The red led of the filter board blinks when powered up.

CLUE : The weird thing I have noticed is that between some GND pins of the Control Board I get +5V when tested with a multimeter… conversely some ICs get no tension while they should have a +5V…

Ideas ?

“The weird thing I have noticed is that at some GND pins I get +5V when tested with a multimeter…”

That is bad, obviously.

But you same ‘some’ GND points - not all. This is odd, as they should all be connected to each other, so all should read the same thing.

Yes, I know :-/

But then it is straightforward to find the problem: pairwise checking of GND points.

My mistake was that I did not solder the output expansion to the filter board (I forgot the programmer is not for that filter…)

Now It works !

Picture in the cool metal case coming soon !

It is usually something that simple … enjoy !

I just finished my Yellow Magic Shruthi in its (yellow, obviously) metal case - very happy !

Yep, they are gorgeous…Adrian really nailed it ! :slight_smile: