Mixing diffzrent type of resistor

can i mix different typre of resistor on the same pcb on a midi build without trouble???
(blue as on the shruthi and satndard 1/4w resistor.) not for a shruthi, but for a midi build??? thanks!

no problem :slight_smile: (resistance matters)

The price difference is so little that metal film (blue ones) is worth using.

Although they are harder to read the colours on sometimes.

What’s a midi build?

And then there is the matter of aesthetics to consider… a beautifully built and sourced piece of electronics should sound better than a ugly one :wink:

Paint the resistors first :slight_smile:

Allign all brown 1% rings either to the back (Audio Jack) Side of the Board or to the Right for best Performance. This is only true for the Northern Hemisphere, Facing the Component Side of the Board up. If you are Down Under its Vice Versa. Its a complicated Relativistic Corriolis - Hall - Interaction - Effect where the Movement if the Electrons in the Metall Film “Snaps” into the relativistic changed Crystal Pattern of the heavier (Lanthanoid and Actinoid) Elements of the Resistor. If you can’t hear it go grab another Beer.

Do Monster Cable sell resistors? :slight_smile:

A Cable is just a long Resistor, so pay attention to the alignment. Monster Cables ™ although hasnt an Explanation that is this good for charging their Prices. I could sell you - same Business Principle - 399€ protractor made of ELV-Stealth Acryl for helping you aligning your Cables right according to the Relativistic-Corriolis-Hall-Effect.

genial! i’ve always used metal protractors to do it (both carpenter and locksmith variant). but it’s so much easier with this plastic one. if the cables are all perfectly aligned i can just cut that tool in pieces and pull them out of the ratnest. the synthesizer will be less heavy that way.
count me in!

I am always learning new things from Frank.

no wonder it didn’t work out, the are made of metal, dude, hence bound to the same Relativistic Coriolis Hall Effect…

@titus ranidrops
Theres always a Master and an Apprentice ™

Ill now go make an entry in the Census of totally derailed Threads Thread

Does anyone have the digi key part number for left-handed encoders?

Easy, just read it from right to left.

it will get lefty when you wire the A and B Pins the “wrong” way i guess

Place a mirror behind the synth and look at the reflection.

Or drill a Hole in the PCB, solder it to the bottom of the board and prolong the Axis thru the Hole.

I was thinking about turning it inside out…

My next PCB will be Klein-bottle shaped, so I no longer have to decide whether to route this trace on the “top” or “bottom” layer. Should make such pesky orientation problems go away. Should be quite useful to connect traces on the top and bottom layers without using vias too!

Great, this removes all Hums, Noise and Ground Problems. And if your Klein Bottle is to small, just BanachTarski it- This way you shurely could fit a 16 Voice Hybrid Poly Synth in a Shruthi Case without any hassle.