Mixer decision on a short time-frame...with report back


you should check if you can use the A/D converter pre or post EQ & Compression

most of the time it would be pre EQ & Compression

I was looking for a digital mixer a while ago, I checked the Qu series and the Venice, and all the others. I ended up buying a Midas M32R because of the size factor and because I could afford to get one instead of a X32

a x32 producer would be also a great choice. more I/O


Hi thanks aroom, I checked out that M32R and it looks lovely I have to say. However I’m only putting in synths and drum machines so the pre-amps are less of a draw, plus the price is another level up again… after looking at the X32 Producer I think that the Qu-16 might just edge ahead on ease of use


I considered the x32 producer, too. One of the reasons against it was that I mainly use synths as well and I prefer trs cables over the xlr cables that the x32 requires. It would mean to stock a whole bunch of trs to xlr adapter cables and frankly, that’s stupidly expensive.


Right… decision made. I’ve ordered an X32 compact. The combination of all the channels, versatility and all the software freebies was just too hard to beat. The new firmware seems to make things a bit easier to use, e.g. able to use all 16 faders for input channels etc. The Qu-16 couldn’t mix 16 tracks out of the computer and 16 back in, whereas I think the X32 can. So that is what swung it. As an artifact, the Qu looks much nicer…

The idea is going to be mix on the desk with all the Pultec/Lexicon etc emulations as well as sends and faders, and just use DAW as a multitrack recorder and sequencer. That way I get max knob twiddling/fader pushing and less mousing around.

The cable point is well made, I hadn’t really realised that so thanks for the heads-up - but so far I only have really three synthy things that will need TRS/XLR connectors, so have just ordered 4 cables for now. I am hoping to stream some separate tracks from analog 4 via overbridge/computer as well and do some multitracking/overlays for extra tracks on DAW which will then come back through USB for a mix session. So not too much on cables at the moment.

Then at some point when my finances have recovered & I get a drum machine with separate outs to trigger from Octatrack’s MIDI channels (I’m thinking maybe Yamaha RX5) I will limit myself to 6 or 8 voices & will prob buy an 8-core TRS/XLR snake at that point.

I’ll report back on the X32 compact! Thanks for all the advice & Happy New Year


Brief report back…

X32 compact is really amazing. Quite difficult to get my head round and it has taken me a good couple of months to make some sense of it but I anticipated this. Now I have finally got it set up as a 16-in 16-out recorder with 3 electron boxes and a couple of cheapo synths (TX81Z and Volca Keys) feeding into various channels, and a distortion box as a send effect. I made the track below with “just” the X32 and electron boxes going into reason then a bit of post-processing in Ozone. But the main compression and all the mix channel EQ is X32, compression is the fairchild simulation in the X32 on the master bus which sounds great (in real life, probably overdone on the track, I’m notably bad at finding the right compression settings).

I only used Reason for recording channels then snipping up clips, no effects or EQ. I did try to get into Cubase at the same time but I am just quickest at building tracks in Reason, I should learn something else so I can use plug-ins but the X32 took enough figuring out…

The good thing about going 16 (instead of 32) in and 16 out is that you can use separate channel strips and faders for the in & out so you can do a bit of EQ on the way in as you record, and then go back out into fresh new channels and do further EQ’ing as you mix, WITHOUT changing the desk settings. You could do 32 in and then out as long as you pre-tapped the audio paths and then accepted it had to be played back through the desk at those settings to sound right, but I wanted to capture some EQ’ing initially into the DAW so I went for post-fader tapping. I am pleased with this feature (which I was not sure if the Qu-16 had, which swung the decision along with the excellent X32 effects) and it has ended up being useful, . I should say that I ended up using my analog 4’s audio interface to actually record the final mix down as I couldn’t figure out how to do the routing back into computer though I think it is possible!

Basically the X32 is helping me make music by tweaking knobs on machines outside the computer and making that quite easy or rather possible to capture in the computer. SO although I have had a lot of head-scratching moments I think it has been a success.

Anyway some amateur techno basically just hardware and the X32, below. If anyone has any mixing or mastering tips please fire away. Especially any frequencies that seem muffled or out of control. (I already know it lacks progression!.. a lot of my tunes are too formulaic with big ole breakdown etc so wanted it to be more subtle, ended up a bit monotonous … oh well) :

Sol 72 - Programmer


That is cool! I’ve had my X32 (the bigger console) for almost 2 years and still haven’t figured it out. One thing I’d like to do is be able to record into my DAW with the effects from the X32. So far, if I want to do that, I record the part on the built-in USB recorder and then import it into Reaper.


Hi Randy! well… I was driving myself insane trying to send stuff OUT of my DAW after recording, through effects & back into DAW, still on separate channels - but if you just mean record your external instruments “wet” then especially for the insert effects it is (")just(") a matter of setting the “card in” tap points to post-fader (& therefore post-effects)… for send effects you can do that too. if you are having trouble I worked some stuff out so PM me or post back here
Best wishes


Thanks John, I’ll check that out.


the other way round if you have a smaller sound card as well is just to use that for recording. Then you can record, using default where it records dry, then back out through desk using effects and record the mix down, either using a separate DAW or the same one if you make an “aggregate audio device” where your computer treats both sound cards as parts of the same aggregate device and can therefore go out through one part of the aggregate device & back in through the same one…


I don’t know if you already decided but i noticed that Zoom just announced their LiveTrak L-12 Digital Mixer & Recorder. At $600 it seems like it combines a lot of things in a smaller but useful size enclosure.

If it doesn’t work for you bendy_john perhaps some others here might find this interesting.


Would be very interesting for me as well (still haven’t bought a multi-track recorder and mixer, so still looking for one). I would check the audio quality of this thing though. The R16/24 multi track recorders from Zoom all are really cool on paper, but do seem to have problems with audio quality.


Zoom L-12 = want!


Hi all… sorry didn’t reply before, I have been down a cryptocurrency rabbit hole!
Thanks for the tip Jukka. I have got the X-32 now, it seems solid and the main limitation now is me. That’s the way I wanted it - no excuses! I deliberately went for a pro digital desk so I couldn’t blame the equipment, I also want to make simple music with nice sounds and do some (punk) mixing/mastering to the point of a “finished product” so the sound quality is important to me. However it was undoubtedly overkill. I can do 16 in and 16 out now though which is great, I think 12 channels would not have been enough although 12 in and out might have been. The emulated fairchild compressor on the X-32 is very nice on the master buss I must say


I really need a good mixer – i’ve considered the XR-18 too, a lot less money than the X32. But then that needs a controller like perhaps an iPad. I’m still waiting – i feel like something killer is coming, along the lines of the Roland MX-1 performance mixer, without its short-comings, so i get by with an analog mixer in the meantime.

I like that the L-12 comes together with a controller, and is portable, and the record features with no computer is great. It has only 4 USB outs though. The 5 ‘headphone’ outs each with a separate mix is interesting. And the price is good. It’s on my list.

ALSO to bendy_john: I have a TX-81Z too, old old old, but i love its FM sounds. Thought about the Stereoping controller too. (Do you like it?) Instead for now i sequence it from a Digitakt and scratch my head. Strange to me to pay double the price for a controller to the synth it controls.