Mixer and VCA

Hello I am new to forum and eurorack in general. I have been working with various Elektron gear over the past year and purchased a 104 hp skiff and looking to start filling it up. I am getting an “elements” module this Friday and a few other things to follow after that. Generally a eg/lfo combo, a dual linear vca, vcf, midi to cv converter and a Rosie. My question is in general what roll does a mixer play rhatvis different than vca? Good to have both?
Thanks for your time.

Well, if you have two oscillators and you want the audio to go through one filter then you need a mixer module to combine the two channels into one.

VCA is the part of an envelope that carries out the attenuation, with an envelope CV generator creating the control voltages.

There are multi-channel VCA modules that also do mixing (MI Veils being an example).

The key point about a VCA is that it has a control-voltage input that can be connected to an envelope/LFO etc. to determine the amount of attenuation applied to the input signal.

Most modules that describe themselves as mixers lack this feature, so can’t be used to shape the volume envelope of a signal.

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