Missing voice when using the individual outs

Hi everyone,

I realise Ambika is now very much a legacy product but having built mine last year I am still discovering its amazing capability.

I just rigged up a 6 into 2 summing mixer using the 6 individual outputs into a left and right channel - 3 each side for stereo into my DAW.

But now I am experiencing a strange behaviour which I don’t have with the single output. Every 6th note doesnt sound or respond to midi input!? The LED on the voicecards light up fine but there is no sound. Its not limited to a single voicecard either.

Can anyone tell me what might be causing this ?? - I was so looking forward to having a stereo output solution.

I am running the YAM OS and 6 SMR4 boards,

EDIT - correction - it IS one particular voice card that doesn’t sound when using the individual output - BUT when using the summed mono output on the Ambika the voicecard seems to work absolutely fine ? Puzzled ! - hoping someone might be able to help ?
Many thanks

So, is it a specific single-output that is failing on your ambika? If the voice works in summed-mode, the voicecard seems okay, so it might be the individual output that is not working.

The routing is voicecard->individual-output[->sum-output], but the voice is only summed if nothing is connected to the individual-output. As the voice is present in the summed output, it should most definitely be present in the single output, if there is no physical damage to the individual outputs connector?

Thank you

I think it must be something to do with the output connection so I will pull the boards and reflow the joints on the main board for the individual output and see if that cures it.

Will update this thread once I have done that


SOLVED - it was simply a wiring mistake in the summing box !!! My Bad.
The Ambika is working perfectly and I am now enjoying the amazing sounds of the Ambika in glorious stereo.

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