Missing parts

Hi everone :slight_smile:

I need your help about parts for Shruthi Control Board and 4pole mission board:
This is list of components i cannot find in MOUSER so i sending this links in hope that someone will be better than me in search :slight_smile:
I found @ BANZAI few components, but I’m not sure are they compatible?
Please check this list.
Thank you all for help!
(btw. I can order ONLY from Mouser and Banzai)
S1-S6 Switches 6 BOM name: 612-TL1100
I dont know what to chose from big list at Mouser :frowning:
4-POLE MISSION filter board

IC1, IC4, IC6: TL072 dual op-amp BOM name:TL 072 DIP

IC2 TL074 quad op-amp BOM name:TL 074 DIL

IC8 74hc595 shift register BOM name: 74HC 595568-1484-5-ND

IC9 CD4051 multiplexer BOM name:74HC 4051

IC7 LT1054 DC/DC converter - (BOM name)

IC3 LM13700 dual OTA - (BOM name)

Thank you!

The switches: 612-TL1100 are the right ones.
TL072 and TL074 from Banzai.
TL072 and TL074 from Mouser.
74HC595 from Mouser.
CD4051 from Banzai.
CD4051 from Mouser.
LT1054 from Banzai.
LT1054 from Mouser.
LM13700 from Banzai.
LM13700 from Mouser.

How to search at mouser: just search for the right keyword (e.g. 74HC595, without additional characters). Then apply a filter for the right package (you want PDIP for through hole). Then pick the one that is available/in stock.

thank you dear cj55

Thank to one god dude i have list checked wit all parts available at Mouser.
Except V2124 cool audio can be found only on Banzai.

BTW. If anybody need,
They have amazing collection of “1001” knobs for pots

Some of us on here have lots of V2164 after a group purchase we did.

I dont understand? Are you wiling to sell or? Currently I need 3.

  • I will order “lot” of knobs from Banzai :slight_smile:

Well it says minimum order of 10 chips, which is a lot.

I was just saying that you could ask on here. I probably have three, I will look later on.

I didn’t notice that minimal order is 10 :frowning: Where is that written?

Thank you 6581punk :slight_smile:

I don’t think there’s a minimum of 10 tbh, you can add one to your basket and go to checkout. It just shows the discount fra 10 and upwards.

Jensu, yes, i was think that to.

Yeah sorry. It was early in the morning :slight_smile:

It happens to all :wink: