Missing negative voltage

I’ve just started assembling the Shruthi, starting with the SMR-4 board. I put in the capacitors and power supply section, and did the voltage tests. +5V is fine (even shows as 5.00!) but the -5V is missing. I get 0 everywhere. This is a problem I’d like to solve before putting more molten metal on there :slight_smile:

Is there somewhere else on the board I can check for -5V, to make sure it even gets there? Also, I’m using a no-name 300mA power supply that can switch between voltages. I think it’s unregulated, since I get 12.30V from the tip. Maybe it hasn’t got enough juice?


Have you correctly inserted the LT1054?

Inserted, yes, correctly, no… One if the pins had buckled; I must have been careless bending the pins on the chip before putting it in. :frowning:

I’ve straightened that pin out and now everything tests correctly.

Thanks for the quick help Olivier!