Missing negative voltage once again

When I passed the voltage test of my freshly assembled SRM-4 filter board two days ago, every thing worked out fine. Then I continued soldering and unfortnately put in the right one of the two 2N3904-Transistors the wrong way. I bought a new one and had some problems putting it in this evening. Checking out the voltage thereafter, all of the blue und red points work out fine, but I now receive 0,73 V on the green points. Using a 9V AV 2000mA power supply, on PIN 5 of LT 1054 is 0,2 V, PIN 8 is 13,08 V (, the left PIN of 7905 0,73 V, the midst 0,2 V and the right one 0 V. Did I destroy the transistor once again? Can anyone help? Thanks a lot in advance )

I think you destroyed the LT1054

OK, thank you very much for your quick response! I will buy a new one then, but I still wonder how I managed to destroy the old one. My soldering concentrated on the 2N 3904-Transistor which is pretty far away from the LT 1054. Btw, if I leave the IC 1 out of the socket, I receive negative voltage on all the (originally) positive points, (- 4,99 V instead of + 4,99 V). Could this possibly mean, that the LT 1054 works?

This is very strange… Leaving the LT1054 out shouldn’t have any influence on the positive points. Are you sure you are not swapping the meter’s probe when checking for the voltage?

Ehr , never mind me… didn’t get where the measurement was taken at first read.

Hello there, sorry, my measurement was mistaken. If I leave the LT 1054 out there is indeed no influence on the measurement result. Must have been tired yesterday. Buy a new IC 1 tomorrow!

You were completly right! I had to order a new LT 1054 and now it works! Thank you once again!