Missing J6 on SVF

Just built my shrithi-1 (awesome synth!) but I’m short a few parts to connect the expansion header. On the BOM for the SVF, J6 is blank but when I got to the end of my build i found I needed that part for the expansion. Please update the BOM. The digital board should probably also list the header as an optional part for SVF builders.

edit: moving thread to parts sourcing/ordering

I saw a comment in another topic that these parts are really hard to source. Anyone found good ones on mouser? The 8-pin one I got from digikey worked well…

I’m in the same boat, but I found this on ebay just now if you’re interested.
40x 8-Pin + 40x 6-Pin Arduino Stackable Female Shield Header

Thanks! Looks like sparkfun has them:

http://www.sparkfun.com/products/9280 (6 pin)
http://www.sparkfun.com/products/9279 (8 pin)
http://www.sparkfun.com/products/10007 (2x 6 pin + 2x 8 pin)

Although some people complain that those are weak and suggest these stronger, more expensive ones from digikey (from the comments at sparkfun, I can’t verify that they will work):

SAM1198-06-ND (6 pin)
SAM1198-08-ND (8 pin)

Then there’s the 6-pin version of the one listed on the BOM’s here (digikey):


More like the sparkfun:


Unfortunately I’m not having luck with Mouser. Doesn’t look like they have anything that will work.

Bought the sparkfun headers and they work great!

Sparkfun headers are the same as on the Shruthi BOM-just from a different supplier (the datasheets are identical)

I ordered from the US and the part from digikey (from the BOM) had much shorter legs that were kinda weak. I like the sparkfun ones better although if I did it over I would just order the 6-leg one from digikey rather than make a separate order just for the headers.

Updating this thread in case anyone digs it up. The “good” headers are available at mouser now:


Thanks Titus!