Missing holes in cases

Ah, you speak from experience herrprof?

On the other hand, under certain circumstances, it’s best to put protection on your banana before using it…

They ARE edible, but not so much digestible.

…although unlike bananas, Shruthi-1 case are not edible, so please take care :wink:


I was just checking my 4PM kit for the missing hole but I found out this ( see attached image )

1 - Is this green bar normal ?
2 - Which hole am I supposed to be checking ?

Your case is OK.

Like bananas, Shruthi-1 cases come with a protection you need to remove before use.

Checked my honeycomb clear case from last order-same here.

FYI, it’s not just the 4PM cases. My clear case came with the same hole missing.

I have a missing hole, but it is not worth the trouble to send another.

You may try to drill one, if so please start with a 1 or 1,5mm leading hole. Use a sharp drill and be patient, don’t push.

I’m in the same situation as phm78 (Right hole on the top panel)…it’s not a tragedy… :slight_smile:

I used a dremel with its drill presss, drilled the missing hole by eye, directly with the final diameter, and it went perfectly well. Those cases are very easy to drill, there’s no worry to have if you own the right tools.

EDIT: forget what I said yesterday about misplaced holes in the bottom plate, they are just fine, I don’t know what I was doing yesterday, sry!