Missing holes in cases

If you have a missing hole in your 4PM or clear case; please contact me and give me your mail address… I’ll arrange for a replacement to be shipped!

I’ve got a missing hole on my box as well, I think I’ll just drill it rather than have you go through the trouble of sending another though!

If you want a replacement, contact me with your address and I’ll send you one.

I have missing right hole too in my 4PM ))

But which hole are we supposed to be checking?

Right hole on the top panel.

i have sand down a lot but no all is ok

i can’t wait 15j or more for receive the box .

but i need continue to inspect when i have the time before mounting my two other kit

I don’t get this unless it’s a recent issue with brand new cases. I built four kits, three honeycomb and one slotted, all came wrapped in fancy German glossy paper, never had a single problem?

Some of the Glossy Cases had an issue that the supposedly right angles have a slight deviation of some Arcseconds. If cut with a Saw this is no Problem, if cut with a Laser the precision is that high that this leads to a slightly bent (we are talking of 100s of millimeters) case. If you then install a Sidepanel the wrong way the Case would be bent a bit above the overall precision level hence the Panel doesn’t fit. Its a matter of the right combination of the inside/outside of Bottom and Sides (sadly the parts without engraving), so you have 2x4x4 = 32 possible combination of which only one fits. Unfortunately this is the combination thats natural to test when taking the Panels out of the Machine so some of the cases slipped thru “Quality Check” before we spotted the Problem…

The missing Holes Problem is from the replacement Machine i had while my original Machine was away to solve the first problem…

Be assured everything is back to nominal parameters right now.

if nothing works, send me a mail and follow the akward instructions that try to keep you away from a replacement ;) honestly if it really doesn’t work ill replace them.

i have testing in all direction ,then i have the time i try another kit

Please try flipping the Side panels inside out and rotating them 180°. There is a combination that works (i tested them all…)

Could this be a very old case (one wich was delivered in an old reused sheet of thick glossy paper) ?

not just one case 3 case

in glossy paper yes

i have lot of problem with my last command on my three shruti kit , i have talk about this to pichenette ,and when i could i post photos
(before i have mounted 3 shruti with no problem with the box )

it’s near 3 mm of difference with the center of encoder knob and all screen push button touch the plexi ,i have try to adjust all screw more than 2 hours
really it’s first time the box are really hard to assembly ,nothing are correct ,the design of the side are quite perfect but the machine have cut too much plexi on 5 side …

also for adjust the main board and the filter and try to assembly i have drill larger hole on pcb ,but i can’t close correctly the box .

i try to another kit for see if i have the same problem .

Yo Guys,

sorry for all that inconvenience, i swapped the machine that sometimes forgot to cut some lines (i sorted out the easier to spot mistakes by hand like missing Pot Holes…) and got back my old one so hopefully this won’t happen anymore. If you have Issues with clear cases, please contact me directly via Mail for a replacement, i sadly have no white Plexi left else i would do the replacements myself instead of you bothering Olivier.

Again, sorry for these mistakes.

I’ve got a missing hole, but I think there’s no need to change for a home-use … ( otherwise it would be easy to drill one if really needed… ) , so I won’t bother you with that …
furthermore it may become a more collector-item of the already collector 4Pm shruthiint the future :wink:

I am speaking hypothetically, of course… More of a public service announcement.

haha, Ah, you speak from experience, TitusRaindrops?