Missing a trimmer from Shruthi kit

There seems to be only one trimmer in my Shriuthi-1 kit. I’ve assembled the filter board with its 20k trimmer, but now I’m on to the control board there isn’t a 5k trimmer in sight.

Am I correct in thinking I can order and use one of these?


Yep. But you might want one that has the screw on the side not the top so it can be adjusted from behind.

I can send it back to you of course, whisper me your mail address.

Thanks for the tip, 6581punk, but it seems side screw ones are a little harder to come by. It looks from the build instructions that the one supplied with the kit has the screw on top… would that be right? I can just pick one of these up in Manchester on Monday.

Thanks for the offer, pichenettes, but that won’t be necessary. They are very inexpensive and I’d rather just get my Shruthi-1 finished off rather than waiting on delivery of one component. Is there any reason why I can’t just finish everything else on the build and add the trimmer last once I have it on Monday?

You can finish the build. With this part missing, the display won’t work.