Missing a resistor but have an extra of another?

hey everyone, i bought my kit a month or two ago now and got really caught up in things and only been able to start my build now. everything seems to be going fine untill i got to the 6th piece of part 9 of the assembly instructions. my kit didn’t come with a 330 K resistor (orange, orange, black , orange) but i had a really long day and just had the resistor with my control board stuff. going to continue tomorrow after work hopefully have it up and running with no more problems. i tried to delete this discussion but couldn’t figure out how sorry

Parts for the control and filter board are prepared separately and you’re not supposed to mix the bags. Are you sure the 330k resistor you found in the control board bag is not 3.3R?

Have you measured the 2 suspicious Rs?

well i go by the colors on the conductors, should i measure resistance to double make sure? and i should mention i didnt have the resistor out of the bag but it was with a bag i put with control board bags. its in a bag with 3 electrolytic caps i think theyre called, 4 small red pieces, a small black piece and a larger blue one “PV35” it says. is this orange oragne black orange resistor the one im looking for? or is there one for both the control and filter board? thanks again for your help, i dont really want to continue untill im positive.

There’s an orange/orange/black/golden resistor used for the control board, so you’d better use a meter to avoid confusions…

alright, im about 95% sure then that i have two 47K and no 330K but again im going by the color coding on the resistors. i’ll go use a meter to check those two out.

so i measured the two identical resistors (yellow, purple, black, red) and they are indeed identical (resistance was 47 on one and 46 on the other). also 330 K is nowhere to be found except that one in the bag for the control board. what should i do?

> also 330 K is nowhere to be found except that one in the bag for the control board.

Have you measured the “330K” resistor from the control board bag? Is it really 330k?

will do that right now

yes it measures in at 331

Then use it… When did you buy your kit?

order confirmation was on 03/05/2013. and i will go ahead and use it. i wont need another one for the control board though?

just looked at the assembly instructions/materials and realized there is no 330 K, but saw the note on the 3.3K, i might have just had the bags sorted wrong. not going to do any more until i’ve gotten some good rest and my brain operates clearer. thanks again though Olivier sorry for the confusion! i think everything is good to go. i’m going to email you tomorrow as i have something i owe you

I’m confused too… There is indeed a 330k resistor used for the filter board; but no 3.3k resistor…

lol sorry!, my brain has been working overtime lately i really need to rest. i meant i was looking at the assembly instructions for the control board on that last comment.\\

You should strictly separate the Parts, else it wont help us track down a possible sorting failure…