Miscalibrated Plaits

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I’m having this strange behavior with my plaits which (updated to the latest firmware), when I’m turning on the unit its seems like its tuning on with some strange dual mode or something, only after pressing the two"A" buttons I can choose the regular mode, How can I get rid of this tuning on mode?

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Here is a video showing this issue.

Have you read the manual?

Here is the relevant paragraph:

1. Model selection CV input. When this CV input is modulated, two LEDs are lit: the steadily lit LED indicates the current model, and the slowly blinking LED indicates the central value, which would be obtained with a CV of 0V and which is still modifiable with the buttons [A] .

The module displays two LEDs because it reads a non-zero voltage on the model CV input. Why? Because it is miscalibrated.

How to calibrate it? Again, this is explained in the manual, in the “Calibration procedure” section. Please follow the procedure carefully.

In the video, you are entering the calibration mode but you do not perform the calibration procedure correctly. Because of that, the module correctly recalibrates the MODEL CV input but will not save the calibration settings permanently since you do not provide correct voltages for the V/OCT input.

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Thank you sssooo muchh!!!