Minor problem with indicator lights on Ambika Motherboard (SOLVED)

My ambika seems to be working well. I have 5 voice cards up and running. It sounds great.

I have a picky problem. The cluster of 7 LEDs do not seem to be working right. The top light blinks in sync with the LFO in yellow. The top left light of the 6 others is always yellow, but it also displays green when voice card 1 is called into duty. The one next to it displays green when voice card 2 goes on. The next row shows green for cards 3 and 4. Voice 5 light never comes on even when voice card 5 is called up. 6 never lights up, but there is no card in slot 6.

None of the other 5 LEDs ever show yellow. I’m not sure exactly what these lights are supposed to show. I haven’t tried moving cards around to see if anything changes, but will wait for a suggestion. Again, this problem does not concern me except for visual aesthetics.

What you should get (from the manual):

The part and voice LEDs LP1…LP6 indicate which part is active (green lights), and which voicecards are currently playing notes (yellow lights).

From your description:

  • It looks like color are reversed (yellow indicates the active part ; green indicates the voicecards playing notes). There’s a setting in the preferences allowing you to swap green <-> yellow.
  • Voice 5 LED is off, maybe due to a bad soldering join on the LED itself, its current limiting resistor, or the 74hc595 that drives it.
  • As for voice 6 LED, we don’t know :slight_smile:

I guess this was an RTFM problem. Swap was on, when I turned it off the colors work perfectly. There was indeed a bad solder joint somewhere in the chain. I am fairly certain my last voice card will work when I get the new chip put in. Thanks again for the support and suggestions.