MiniDarkBrutaurosaurus ?!?

any comments on what you are cooking there oliviere?

sounds awsome.

Hmmm you know… electronics is a very pipelined job… There are many external dependencies (boards being manufactured, parts being ordered), so I have to run many projects at the same time to keep myself busy!

This is a new thing indeed.

check this out:

Mmm pitch bending.


very interesting! Not sure what it is all about but it’s totally promsing!

Board for this beast has been ordered. The plan is to do it as a kit, collect feedback (I see reasons why it would work, soundwise it is solid ; and reasons why it wouldn’t), and move it very rapidly to SMT for a small run if there’s good response.

Analogue all the way this time? (with a little digital management).

Not to badger you too much, but are there any non-Reichelt parts (harder for us living in Europe) to consider? Hopefully those are included in the kit.

Many non-Reichelt parts. I think the full BOM can be bought at mouser, with one or two exceptions. Easier to use with some parts I got custom made, but vanilla substitutes do work. I’ll be doing kits. Don’t expect a release before 3 or 4 months, but I’ll talk more about it before. I’ve done 90% of the electronics, firmware, so about 20% of the total work involved in getting a product out (nailing the 10% devilish details, BOMs, documentation, case, testing, demos, testing, parts selection, price definition, kits preparation, etc.)

Ah, the good old 20-80 rule (Pareto principle) in action again.
Thanks pichenettes!

So we’re talking about a second mystery product before we even know what the other one is/was?

The ShruthiVersum™ is full of Mysteries…

A diversion perhaps? :wink:

I need a breadboard. And some bread.

Im just baking some with roasted onions and nutmeg, will be lovely with the fresh Butter with Herbs, Chili, Garlic, Lime Zest and coarse Sea Salt.

Should we start the “Recipe of the Day” Thread?

mmm, onions!!!


Not totally so no Entry to TheList™ so far…

Im just trying to tow away your Attention from secret Prototypes.

The bread sounds good though. How much to send some to Los Angeles?