Mini Key Wars - Roland Boutique


So, would it be okay to call a synth with wood sides a “woodie?”


That’s the nickname for the original Atari VCS/2600 with the wood grain.


I really love monophonic sequences of poly sounds with a long release. I often use the Ambika as a dual 3 voice poly that way. So 4 voices can be enough for some poly uses.
I also would really like the Jupiter 8. I only think it’s a bit go expensive for what I would use it for.


I’m actually a bit tempted by these. right now the only keyboard synth I have is a MicroQ, which I quite like, despite it being pretty menudiveish. The problem is, the MicroQ is really heavy (thanks to the full metal casing) and despite being relatively small for a synth, it’s still too big for many occasions. I only used it once for a live gig. So I’ve been thinking about getting a small, polyphonic keyboard, with a good interface. I’m certainly no Wakeman, my keyboard playing skills are far from virtuosity, so mini keys arent’t really are an issue for me. Actually, I’m using a bent SK-1 for most of my gigs right now! I’ve considered the Mininova and the Yamaha CS Reface. The OP-1 would be really small and actually quite nice, but price and the lack of velocity put me a bit off. To be honest, the JU-6 would be a nice solution to my needs, small, compact, hands on interface and from what I’ve heard it sounds great. The only thing that puts me off is the 4 voice polyphony, though I’d have to see if it’s really an issue for me, in real life.


As long as you stay away from long-release sounds, you won’t run into trouble, I think. The keyboard is so small, you certainly won’t enjoy pressing more that 4 keys at a time :wink:


rumplefilter have you considered a McMillen Qunexus?

Super compact, has poly aftertouch and not terribly expensive, plus has cv/gate (although you need a separate box for midi)

EDIT: oops! just realized you are looking for a synth. Used Alesis Micron?


@Varthdader: I have a Qunexus and am mildly happy with it. It’s the best keyboard controller you can get at that size for sure. The Micron I have considered, but the more I go on and the less I can deal with very menu-heavy synths… they either need to have a very direct, 1-knob-per-function interface, be very easy and straightforward like the shruthi or have a software editor like the Mininova. Actually the latter is my big fav right now. And btw. I’m selling my microQ if anybody is interested :slight_smile:


rumplefilter: for those with a Micron and an iOS device, there´s Megamicron to program it!


I want that micro Q, but bought a broken Ion instead. Doh!


and as discussed, the Roland Boutique Series Midi CC implementation is a challenge for every DIY head. Because to automate movements of the miniscule sliders you will need to send them 7-bit sysEX… as discussed at the boys of the rolandclan forum, there are various workarounds viability dependent on your setup only. I love my JP-08. it can do many tricks the big brother can do, soundwise it is more stable and aside from the slider lengths very controllable. If you want the 8 voices, you can still buy a 2nd boutique (of the same type) and polychain them what that does to any sysex-automation i have no clue as of now and pricewise there may be better options for a 8-voice dsp-polysynth with questionable midi implementation and 7-bit resultion slider values, but definitely not if you are looking for those gnarly jupiter pads&strings…


itll be really funny if people start making expensive aftermarket dedicated knob controllers for these things.


@herrprof- dedicated midi controllers the same size and shape of the original synths?


With internal mounts to fit two boutiques inside. Actually that would be totally feasible from a price point view


how about a MidiPAL script. goddammit people. someone more experienced than me plz write one… i m gonna throw cash at your booty or into your paypal! and tell everyone about your greatness! or i ll help you sell the app with a social media avalanche and by spamming all audio forums ever… Pinchenettes argued there are not too many people out there who unify the necessary requirements. but then again, i guess many in this forum might either have a boutique synth AND a midipal or own at least a midipal and consider trying a boutique-box. Maybe there is even a greedy programmer among them who gets my hint…

6581punk: did you get a look at the Schmidt Synthesizer?


Looks like Roland just released a firmware update that adds CC send and receive! Here’s the one for the JU-06.


I’ve been waiting for this!

Roland D-05


Told ya LA would make a comeback :slight_smile:


Yep, it’s not exactly groundbreaking or forward-thinking, but I’ve been craving for a D-550 for ages so I am actually tempted…


I have the V-Synth D50 card, it has extra banks and PCM waves. They’ll have put these and more into this.