Mini Key Wars - Roland Boutique


@rumpelfilter i think the op-1 is the sk-1000 actually


@herrprof: it’s more the VL-1000


OP-1 for the win.

Love mine.


Such a near miss on that Juno. If it had the extra two voices I think they’d have a big hit on their hands. And they could route the external input through the chorus for good measure.


@varthdader: actually it’s funny nobody complained about the keys on the OP-1, at lease not as much as about other mini-keys synths since the Microkorg.


Thats because no synth wankers would ever buy an op-1. Rick Wakemens of the world unite.


Well, sounds like a good thing to me :slight_smile:


@herrprof is actually correct. Not sure how much of a synth wanker I am (maybe just a wanker) but I never considered buying an OP-1 because I considered it a toy.


Well I must say that the OP-1 has a lot more going than it might seem. Though it does feel a bit toy like, though not in the bad sense. It’s certainly not something you could go wild on Wakeman style, but then, that might not appeal to all players anyway :slight_smile:
The only thing we can all agree on, is that its price is not really toy-like.


Hey everybody needs to super relax!

Wether one has a particular preference in key size or synth analogueness or whatever, no need to diss people who don´t share that love.

I love full size keys and op-1, and I don´t many other synths but would never say that´s a Wanker detector. Plus, I love toys.

Back to the topic, the op-1 had no pretension to be anything else, hence no one was disappointed and complained (apart from it´s price maybe).

If this mini keys are detachable, one could argue that a full size keybed could have been a useful expansion.

Nobody is complaining that the Moog Werkstatt, Mother-32 or Elektron Analog Four have a very tiny keybed, it´s mostly the mini-key “mid-size” that infuriates so much.


Who’s dissing? Me saying I think the OP-1 is a toy isn’t dissing, at least not by my definition. By my definition it is a toy, but I didn’t say everyone needs to think it’s a toy. I didn’t take @herrprof’s use of the term “wanker” as literal, although maybe that’s how he meant it and I was too stupid to realize it. Besides, Wakeman is my hero. Crazy life, great sense of humour, lots of equipment and tons of keyboard chops.


All my synths are toys. They better be. I got them to play with, after all.


@Varthdader: didn’t know the Werkstatt or Mother32 had a keybed. :smiley:

anyway I don’t think anybody was dissing, bitching, or trolling here. If any of you was please raise your hand.



I’ll continue to bitch about those 4 voices that should have been 8. Dammit! :slight_smile:


I meant bitching about people, not the synths :slight_smile: yeah those 4 voices suck…


I’ll continue to complain about how the 4 voices would have been totally cool with a System 1 plugout.


Sorry I meant wankers in the american sense, aka dudes who are expressing their musicality in a physically demonstrative manner. I have no opinion whether or not wakeman is an actual tosser.

ps: jordan ruess is definitely a wanker though.


You mean their synths are an extension of their privates?


or lack thereof


Does total patch cord length count towards that extension?