Mini Key Wars - Roland Boutique


Yeah, these layouts at a two-octave regular keys width would have made more sense.


I knew the sliders would be small, but the ones on the J8 model have the same issue as the reface sliders. Good luck getting fine parameter tweaks with that short of a throw. Even if the sound was 100% spot-on, I would still need an external editor to program that one.

Note that this is being said by a guy who complains about getting fine parameter tweaks on a Juno 106 due to the lack of a parameter read out screen. So your mileage may vary.

I will say that if they are only 4 voices, that has spoiled me a bit on getting a System 1. If the DSP in these is really that much better than the DSP in the System 1, why are they cheaper? Is it the lack of green LEDs? :wink:

I was really hoping for a Creamware Noah like collection of synths for the System 1, but it seems like they are separating them out despite the ACB technology. I will probably get a 1m on sale, but I really want one system that can run all ACB synths.


I think you’ll see plug-in/out versions of these for the 1m or maybe a more powerful system-2 at some point in the future.


I would hope so. This is one of the reason I really wanted them to be analogue in some way. If they were, I wouldn’t be concerned about having it on a system 1 or future system 2. :slight_smile:


If space is a concern for faders they would be better using wheels or rotary faders. But I suspect that would cost too much.


I think the Jupiter 8 is the ltd edition one, not the Ju06 and JX03
and you can chain them together to increase polyphony too


I didn´t expect the limited run approach, or the modular keybed for that matter.

Weird that modulation and pitch bend is embedded in the module tho


you can use mod and pitchbend to preview sounds when there’s no keybed, I think. Dunno how they implemented this, though.


Those sliders really are way way too tiny:


They really do look tiny on this photo!


so far, i’ve mostly gone along with this whole miniaturisation thing (i love my volca beats & microbrute).
but this is ridiculous.


Reface keys are bigger than this minute keyboard?


I don’t care about the keys, I object to these tiny tiny sliders.


I assume size of it, something similar Mikrokorg?


Looks like the same sliders used in the Voltages submodule of the Turing machine, and I wouldn’t complain about those being too small…
Granted, they could have made them bigger, but I’m guessing they were trying to make them cheap enough that almost anyone could buy them…


Hopefully I’ll be able to see these in person at the end of November. Roland has signed up as one of the sponsors of the Toronto Sound Festival.


Yep, I knew the sliders would be small. Kind of like slider burgers. :wink:

Seriously, if most people are agreeing that software will be needed to edit these, where is my plug-out? :slight_smile: I am asking in the most polite way as having a mono, modular Jupiter 8 or JX3P would be amazing. I still think it is a shame they didn’t put the extra envelope from the JX8P on the JX3P model, but eh…

I heard a demo of the JU06 someone posted. While the oscillator and filter sounded spot-on, the chorus didn’t sound right. The demo sounded like there were options for chorus delay time and panning. It didn’t sound good until they turned on the panning later in the demo.


They do sound really nice:

The more I think about it, the more saddened I am that they didn’t make them a bit more expensive, slightly bigger with larger sliders, and with the correct number of voices for each model. :frowning:


The voice thing really bothers me. Grrrrr. Why oh why do they have to limit it.


probably either because more voices = higher performance DSP = higher cost, or because they don’t want these to be a competition for their more expensive keyboards.