Mille Soeur

Got my 3 Sisters today and have been trying to get my head around it. It’s a bit different from my usual schtick but it’s just a little rough jam, in my mind I’ve ended up invoking the olden days of MP/12k.

It chucks a BD from Peaks, a chord from Plaits and a hihat (filtered noise with an envelope through Blinds) into Sisters and mixes them up.

There’s also an Em chord from the sh01a and everything is triggered by PNW.

Not sure if Sisters is a keeper for me yet, so far it’s been about equal parts beauty and confusion. It does certainly engender bringing a different approach to patching/mixing which is no bad thing.



…scopin’ that slider action ~2:49


lovely one!

shorten some percussions :rofl:

Loving that Rhodes sound. What are you using to make it? Like what you are doing with the 3 sisters. This is a sweet chill track. Thanks for sharing and with video too! Always real cool to see peeps rigs in action. :slight_smile:

Cheers. The shorter part is Plaits in chord mode, the other part is a chord on the sh01a which is flipping amazing for polyphonic stuff.

Sounds fantastic! I was tempted when I saw Roland’s new analog modelling line but I’m a purest when it comes to analog, so I decided to save the money for more eurorack :sunny: