MIdrum (Standalone midi drummachine) v2 (Grids) + code

MIdrum code at Github

A BIG thank-you to Olivier for making his code CC-BY-SA

And a big thank you to you gphg for making this into a standalone MIDI device. :smiley:

So, after looking at your website I’m a bit confused. Is that code for the midrum or the Midrum 2? If it’s for the midrum, will you make a midrum 2 github? As I’d really like to trigger more drums via midi :smiley: If it takes some time would building the Midrum be easy convertable to a midrum 2 when the code comes out? I’d build the Faders and stuff into my case and convert later.

anyhow, thanks for giving code. :smiley:



After looking at my website I’m a bit confused as well :slight_smile:

MIdrum originally used Anushri code, but now they can all use Grids code, so…

The code at github is meant for a device looking like http://www.goltstein.nl/MIdrum
The code at github uses Grids code

If you want more then 3 channels, you need to get creative and maybe implement something like this:
Density 4 = ( Density 1 + Density 2 ) / 2
Density 5 = ( Density 1 + Density 3 ) / 2
Density 6 = ( Density 2 + Density 3 ) / 2


Ahh, okay, I see. Should be easy enough to implement by myself later on. Thanks again. :slight_smile: Now where do I get cheap faders from… :smiley: