MidiSync near future USBSync like a Roland SH01?

Hola Freaking Freakz :slight_smile:

Question, is there provided an usb connectivity for the shruthi?




get a GM5 board and solder that to your shruthi!

Try this one:

Any USB-MIDI cable will do, it’s not a big deal to have it internal to the synth…

Check the reviews for timing issues though, I’ve heard of at least one USB->MIDI combo that didn’t transmit stuff when it was supposed to :frowning:

sleepless in my bed… :frowning:

whats better to take a look in here… :wink:

cool… but solder it on my board would be nice! buutt, where are the drivers for my funky shruthi? :confused:

is then everything usable f.e. every cc1-99 ? like midi?


yeahhh coool! windows 7 support…


but now i need to check how to solder it… :slight_smile: i think i use the existing midi solding ponts on the filter pcb right? do you think that shruthi can handle it? whats about the menus? i think soldering and takink notes yes, but shruthis os?


Hey John, you can’t solder the GM5 chip directly onto the shruthi, you would have to solder the mini test PCB, and then find space somewhere in the shruthi case for it (not possible to my knowledge).
The shruthi could not care less if you use a usb midi board or not, nothing needs to be changed on it.

Please search the forums for the “GM5 order add now” thread, since the GM5 chip is hard to get (minimum order quantity of 250 pieces…), and some folks have organized a group buy… :slight_smile:

Hey Vincent… Nice Thanks!

There really is no point in trying to integrate the GM5, you wont be able to power the Shruthi via the usb and you would need to redo the case as well. A usb to midi cable is a much simpler solution

second that altitude.

Id rather go for a proper multiport MIDI Interface than trying to connect each and every thingie via USB. MIDI might be slow by todays standards but this doesn’t count in as you can easily have multiple Ports.

The Killer feature about MIDI is that an Event is sent when an event is sent. Basta.

Via USB its more like “Oh, I stuff my message into the USB handler and hopefully it will be delivered in Time - i trust that USB will be fast enough and fortuitously theres nothing more to transmit in that Moment…”

@fcd… i have a lot of synths… never had issues with usb… :wink:

i have more…

i’ve got more drum machines…

Easy, i have exactly 0. Just counted them, twice.

Still got more…

@fcd72 you have no Anushri?

Well thats not exactly a drum machine, isn’t it?