MidiSeq -- polyphonic MIDI step sequencer

matte black and clear seem to be the two every one agrees on

I’d be keen to grab a couple of MidiGAL cases. Kits or DIY, both are great. Thanks very much!

I’ll take 2 MidiGal cases, also!

Would you be ok do redo a run of midirex case ?

I think I will just release the files and people can do whatever they want with them, I dont have time to run an order right now

@altitude if you release the files i’ll happily host them at midisizer.com with proper attribution of course.

Did anyone ever make a case for the Midialf with cv/gate outputs?

I just did one in the same batch of cases. I’ll pass that on to Peter as well once a couple adjustments are made

Thanks man.

Ok. Something just came up that will require all sorts of laser cutting so I am going to run this.

Here is the sign up page for the cases


Pricing will be the same as with the REX cases for the gal and thru:

$35 USD for the clear (glass green) and $37 for the matte white. This includes all the hardware, button caps, feet, and lightpipes (for the matte case). Shipping will be $6 for the US and $13 for the rest of the world.

Alf CV case will be more (I still need to figure that out)

Peter, feel free to hand that link out/post it where ever. You know better than I who was looking for cases.

I will also run the gal/thru combo cases at the same time

@altitude are you planning to release the files later ?


Thread on Muff’s

Case order is closing this week if anyone else needs Rex, Alf, Gal, or thru cases.

Sweet! Im in for a Gal case.

Long overdue MidiSeq MIDI step sequencer demo video is now available here.