MidiREX -- DIY MIDI loop sequencer


That would required Standard MIDI file to MidiREX sysex converter software which does not exist. Your best bet is to slave MidiREX sync to your DAW sequencer sync and record the MIDI into MidiREX.


@ altitude,
Happy New Year. Thank you for all your work on the case. Any update on sharing the file for those of us that didn’t get on the group-buy? Thanks!


…will fix shortly


Thank you, Altitude! Please continue to be a wonderful human being!


Any news about the mentioned firmware bug in terms of external midi sync?


Confirmed this to be the firmware bug, however it’s still third from the top item on my current todo list.


Thanks for posting the case files. I cut them today at the FabLab but there seems to be a mistake. The sides are too long. It seems like you have added some pieces to the construction where should have been subtracted.


crap, looks like I grabbed the wrong file to make those templates from. will correct shortly


@altitude Thanks for posting your files! This Midirex is going to be my first DIY build, and I’m trying my hand at designing my own case at the same time. I had started laying out the buttons in Inkscape, but having your files to start from will save me a ton of time. Trying to get all the dimensions right is quite painstaking!


I cut @altitude’s design on clear acrylic today (photo attachments coming shortly). Turned out pretty nice looking. The sides are a little too long; when I’m on my laptop later I’ll see if I can fix it and upload it somewhere. I haven’t finished my MidiRex yet, which is why the case is empty.

I’m curious, it seems like there’s a lot of space between the top of the buttons and the top plate; are the switch caps tall enough to reach through the holes? Also, @altitude, where do you get your round switch caps? I looked on Mouser but couldn’t seem to find any that were the right size. Maybe it’s my newbness coming through?


Here are the order numbers for the caps from Mouser:
Black: 611-21125
White: 611-F0202
Grey: 611-F0204
Red: 611-F0203


Here is my best attempt to fix the sides on the case. I pushed in the edges, but I don’t know InkScape extremely well so be warned.

Also including photos of my clear acrylic cut if anyone’s interested in seeing it.




Fixed case files here


Are there any midirex cases available from anyone at this time?


I might have one. PM me your info


@altitude thank you for that case designs. i wanted to get a quote from ponoko but your eps files still have that demo “bird” in it, i just spent a lot of time installing ghostscript and tried to edit it in gimp, but i ultimatively failed. can you please update the designs without that bird?


Done. Redownload the files


awesome, thanks so much!


received the package from ponoko today, the enclosure looks great! i ordered it two times, possibly i could have rearranged the pieces to fit one P2 sheet to save some money… i guess i will look more into google sketchup to also be able create such things in the future.