MidiREX -- DIY MIDI loop sequencer


Sorry for the cracked parts, it looks like that clear stuff is pretty brittle. I’ll get some spares made so if anyone has cracked parts let me know. bonobo, check and make sure you encoder is in there straight, this is something I looked at very closely and it’s dead on on mine


Received mine yesterday, assembled and had to de-solder the led spacers. The screw holes for the bottom panel were tight, but the screws cut their own thread anyway, and my encoder and switch still need to be repositioned ever so slightly to get them to function properly. Nice work! and despite s bit of de-soldering, liking the close tolerances. Thanks altitiude! I found that grabbing the neoprene feet mid-thickness and pulling them off the backing to be the easiest method for getting the off the backing paper.


No need to apologize for the cracked part. You were right about the encoder hole, it looks dead on but my knob seems to be warped a bit. Either way I got it working just fine. The case really is spot on and everything else went together flawlessly.


Yay ! Mine arrived today as well, in one piece :slight_smile:
Many thanks altitude !


fully complete…finally!

although I will be selling it as I have acquired another MPC in the mean time so it is surplus for me :frowning:


Call me stupid, but the outer protective layer on the case panels is kind of soft and furry - so I just left it on for now.

A very cuddly midirex.


its like that underneath also :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Aargh, some people make quick work of things! I need to get mine dressed now! I just kept everything wrapped up due to time. Le sigh! Really tempted to skip a day…


Here’s hoping that mine arrives next week. The photos above look beautiful!


I was trying to figure out if that WAS a protective layer or if it was just fuzzy! :slight_smile:

Guess I should get on with building mine!


@altitude still possible to get one of these midirex cases?


Case arrived today. Did a first assembly to see how it all fits and it’s looking good! Thanks altitude.


@ bod add your info to the google page, I have to order replacements for people with cracked parts so I should be able to squeeze a few then


New order for replacements and people who missed the first order is going out today so if you’re not on the list, please add yourself now. After this, I will post a generic file with all three cutouts and the LED holes and it will be on you to customize it as needed


I finally build mine! Great little unit. I couldn’t get it to work right with the Muboot.hex on it. It would start once but not again. So now i have it working without the muboot.


@shiftr – try to add 100n cap between RESET and GND. The easiest way to do this is to solder the cap to the AVR ISP connector pads.


@kvitekp … I soldered the extra cap but it doesn’t help. It’s not really a problem for me i can live with the bootloader but if can help you figuring out why this happens i’m glad to.
It does start sometimes with the bootloader but more often not.


I’ve been trying with the muboot your povided and the last muboot i’ve got from my XT build… Your one seems to work better. At least with the AVRisp connected it always boots. Without it half of the time.


All extra cases and replacements are shipped. I’ll try to get the file up shortly


kvitekp - I'd like to second a couple of feature requests already mentioned. I really want a loop style not dependent on beats and measures, that will stop recording when the button is pressed and loops from that spot, regardless of beats, and hopefully still able to adjust speed. I would also like some other time signatures, the more the better. Really cool machine, super easy build, well worth it, thank you! And thanks toaltitude for the case, I got clear blue, looks nice!
Ps: mine would boot up in update mode every now and then at first, changed powers supplies and problem went away, just wanted to mention it as others were seeing this behavior.