MidiREX -- DIY MIDI loop sequencer


yeah, i’ll make them available shortly


Parts are being cut today so hopefully should see them by this weekend


cool. What program do u you use to design cases? Inkscape?


illustrator . I’d rather stab myself in the ear with a soldering iron than use inkscape :slight_smile:


Damn, why did I have to find this thread about a week late! Criminy. I’ve got too many things uncased. If somehow you have an extra kit, any color, let me know please.


Too late here as well… @altitude there is probably an option to sell the case on Ponoko directly.


I’m pretty close to a critical mass for another short run since I get laser parts cut pretty much constantly, email me at altitude at misw dot us. I can do the ponoko thing but the problem there is that the case wont fit on a P1 size panel which means that you have to fit it on a P2 panel and that is big (you use maybe 30% of it) which doubles the price


Altitude I have to thank you for doing this!


ok, panels are in and everything looks good. The VFD part windows are not super tight but I was expecting that since they are really thin and flex a lot. I recommend that people tack those in with acrylic based adhesive, its water based, dries clear, and flexible. Same goes for the buttons, the round ones do not click on the tacts very well so you’re going to want to glue those down.


Great. Thanks for the update. I notice the round tact switches on the anushri don’t click as well either. I think they look better though.


I agree, I kind of designed this case around the round buttons. Quite dashing even if you need to glue them down


I didn’t use switches like the ones on the image on the first page of the thread, so gluing them down is what I’d have to do anyway. Not a big deal if you think about it and I agree round look better. Using a red for record will definitely be sweet!


ok, all the matte cases are out the door today. Do we need a discussion about infill techniques or is everyone good?


i have never done it before…
some quick tips would be good!


Ok, here is how I do it. You WONT need to do this for the clear blue, the engraving on it’s own looks pretty good. The matte white needs it though

Material: Oil based enamel, like the stuff you use for model airplanes. Gloss is best. You also want paint thinner or acetone for clean up. Apply one or two coats to fill up the engraving, let it dry over night. Wipe down the paper to remove excess paint with thinner or acetone, you should only have paint in the engraving left, none on the paper (this will prevent jagged edges when you pull off the paper). Do any touch ups at this point with a fine brush, give it an hour or two to dry then peel off the paper mask. Do any clean up with rubbing alcohol, it cleans up the paint without smearing it


A short youtube video of the process would be super helpful!


I tried it after I read the tips here. It´s ‘learning by doing’. Just try it. It´s easy!


Rest of the cases (the clear ones) dispatched today. It should be straightforward for assembly but please let me know if anyone has questions. Basically, if you can see the screw-head, it goes on the outside, the standard Phillips go on the bottom. The hex is a 5/64" or 2mm (T8 torx will work also if you have one)

The neoprene feet are a pain in the ass to get the backing off (I recommend tweezers) but they are far superior to any of the vinyl ones I used before and they stick like crazy


Got my clear case yesterday and put it together. I’m very happy with it! Sadly the back panel got cracked in the mail, but at least it’s the back panel so I won’t really see it.

Couple of notes to keep in mind for those putting theirs together:

  • There were no LED holes on my case. The LED holders in the MIDIrex BOM made my switch LED’s sit a bit too high so I had to desolder and lower them.

  • The plastic encoder knob from eagle hardware sits under the front panel and mine was slightly off center so I had to sand the edge of the hole a bit because it would rub against the underside of the panel.

The blue clear case looks really nice. Thanks altitude.


White case arrived here in the UK yesterday. I assembled it today, infill done, looking great. Much appreciated altitude