MidiREX -- DIY MIDI loop sequencer


Great work. I’m in


Awesome. Im still in as well.


I wasn’t on the original list, but I filled out a form and am definitely on board, thanks!


Should we expect a PayPal invoice on the email accounts we provided?


yes, should be today.


Hey altitude, would you be so kind as to give me the external dimensions of the case please? Rearranging my rig and it would be most helpful. Thank you very much!




Ok, all invoices sent. This has to go out by Wednesday the 3rd so please get your payments in by then.


Are there any video demos of the MIDIRex?


Invoice payed through Paypal!


almost there, 2 people to go. Lead time will be about 2 weeks


plus a couple of weeks for the trip to Europe - but worth the wait, surely !


Sorry for the delay, had an issue with my bank last night. Just payed!


ok! everything is sorted. I’ll panelize and get it ordered tonight


Super! Thanks for taking this on altitude.


Parts are ordered. should be ~2 weeks to get the laser stuff back


still time to order? i’ve just filled the form. thanks


no, sorry.parts have already been ordered


@altitude … Are you willing to share your design files?


What a pity… Have seen it too late. I would have liked to order one, too. But thanks altitude for the initiative!