MidiREX -- DIY MIDI loop sequencer


@ParanormalPatroler – what other time signatures are useful?


@ Sammy send me a part number, I should be able tell from the spec sheets






yeah, I should be able to make that work. No weird inductors sticking out anywhere?


Well there is a big cap on the bottom. I was thinking it was bigger but that must have been the 40x2. Here it is next to a LCD.


interesting, do you have a caliper to measure the actual thickness of it? The spec sheet is pretty loose in these dimensions (8.5 +/-1 and 3.5mm “max”)


Just submitted my request for a case, but there was nowhere to indicate display type. I’d like standard LCD cutout


It’s about 11.3mm according to my caliper.


> what other time signatures are useful?

I would use 3/4, 5/4 and 7/4. 6/8 is also useful but that could probably be managed with a 3/4 setting.

Would it be difficult to implement a loop setting that does not have to end on a specific measure but just loops right at the point the record is stopped?


@gabby only one person wanted the OLED cutout so I didnt bother with that option


@kvitekp: If I had to prioritize I’d go for the simple ones (4/4 and 3/4) first, then go for complex (5/4 and 7/8) and keep compound time signatures (like 9/8 or 12/8) for last. As a user that loves odd time signatures I can say that I wouldn’t mind settling for just 4/4 and 3/4 - the reason I insist you consider an addition is because the 4/4 by itself does feel limiting.


I just submited my form. I am guessing the Noritake VFD should work since it is on there, right?

Off topic, I just realized that Noritake has not sent me the free filter packs on 3 of my orders (I already contacted them about one and they sent me a single filter). It’s my fault for not checking, but I tend to just open the box and check the display and forget about the filters. I sent them an email so hopefully they will send me some. I verifed I selected them on the form. Lame…


I’ll adjust the holes for the VFD. You want the filters, they make a huge difference


Right. I agree. I called them about the filter for the 40x2 and added it to my Ambika and it looks superb. I definately plan to use them on all future VFD builds…if they send them to me.


Submitted my form too!


Almost there. I am waiting on 3 people from the original list to get back to me then I’ll work up the pricing.


I’ve submitted mine a while back. I’m mentioning it just in case it didn’t come through for some reason. Really looking forward to casing up the MIDIRex, just did a DIY of my DEP2b today and I’m happy to get going with all the naked devices I have. :smiley:


dukankallemegper is the only person left now


Ok, worked out pricing and we are looking at ~$35 USD for the blue and $38 for the matte white. This includes all the hardware, button caps, feet, and lightpipes (for the matte cases). Shipping will be $6 for the US and $13 for the rest of the world.

I’ve been thinking about the VFDs and what I will do is provision it for a 1.5mm thick window since based on the dimensions given, it should work (on paper anyway). If it doesnt fit, people can just leave it open. 1.5mm only comes in clear but there should be room for the Noritake filter (11m standoff, 3mm stock = 14mm usable height, 11.3mm display height leaves 2.7mmish)