MidiREX -- DIY MIDI loop sequencer


Next draft:
(see last pic)



Looks great! Thank you for doing this, @altitude.

I’d change Record to Rec since Sel is already truncated. Also, Midisizer.com at the back panel will probably look more consistent in all lower case: midisizer.com


No problem. Anything else you want to add/modify?


Do you think Trk1 … Trk4 below switches will make it too busy?


Or perhaps just 1 … 4. Looking really good. What are the colour options? I’d vote for white to match my midialf


Also, Thera are only three standoff holes on the top panel


Ok, dropped the font size down a hair as well

(see last pic)



Looks great. I think 1 - 4 rather than Trk1 - Trk4 might be nicer, but now we are splitting hairs!


Nice, I would also prefer 1-4 if we are going there.


I agree, 1-4 makes more sense thank Trk1-4


Would it look better if MidiREX logo is moved a little down and to the right making it more balanced with MIDI stuff on the right ?


(see last pic)



Looks great! What do you think about adding a lowercase “midi looper” below MidiREX making it

look more like a logo? Something along these lines:



I didn’t get the " business side of the board" - excuse my stupidity, did you mean busy? I’d buy a MIDIBud case as well if that’s what you’re saying. Most definitely. Yes please.


like this?
(see last pic)




The midibud has the midi connectors on the same side of the board as the display, the REX has them on the opposite side.

Now that I think about it, that will be a major pain in the ass to case up since the midi connectors need 22mm of vertical space to and that is too much for any standard switch. If you put a cover on it, the switches wouldnt even come close to sticking out. If they were on the back like the REX, it would be trivial but you cant just switch them like that since the pins will be mirrored


@altitude – “midi looper” seems to look better being all lowercase and a little more spaced out.



Yeah! The only question i have now is: will it look better or worse with Run, Rec and Sel in all capitals ?


lets find out