looks interesting…


Lovely enclosure…


french company too i think!

Much bigger than I thought :))

Cool case, made of bent plywood. Nice Work!

You can add extra controls to the MidiPal already though?

Looks interesting, but unless I’m reading it wrong seems it’s designed to be a USB device, which is kinda wrong for a few reasons-being tied to a computer that could do all this stuff better for one. More details on actual capabilities rather than a Teenage Engineering-style tease would be nice.

@gwaidan good points! I know what you mean about Teenage Engineering, too. Mind you, the OP-1 did eventually turn out to be quite cool…


the designer in me says: nice case! but it appears to be a bit too bulky. One of the biggest selling point of the MidiPAL for me is the size, though of course things get bigger if you add controls and a big screen like that…

oh and there’s no info on pricing yet, is there?

LOL, nipple twisting!

yeah, that pic = little creepy

Actually there are more Nipple Twisting Pics than product explanations…Sex Sells. Maybe Olivier should cast some nice Indish Girls?

It does sound like this might need to be tied to a computer, but it could also have normal MIDI ports and a power supply with a USB connector so it could be used without a computer. Hard to tell with no pics of the back panel.

Even if it really is meant to be tied to a computer, there’s still a workaround. I recently noticed this box from Kenton- it acts as a USB host so you can use class-compliant ‘MIDI over USB’ devices without a computer. It supplies power over USB and gives you real MIDI ports. I hear it works with the OP-1, so I expect it would work with the Fyrd too. I don’t have the Kenton box or even have a real use in mind for it, I just think it’s kinda cool that such a thing is available…


I always thought that Kenton thingy is really expensive for what it does. Should be quite easy to make one yourself with an Arduino for example.

@fcd72 Girls, not boys =)

Now, this brings up an interesting, if not thread-derailing, thought. Are there any girls on this forum? Any girls putting Shruthis together?


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Thats about all i ever saw a girl doing with a soldering iron:

Please convince me thats not the climax of female use of soldering equipment… PLEASE

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For the price of the kenton you could go up another 60 bucks and add a merge and coremidi device for an ipad with the iconnect…