Midipal v1.4 manual?

I’m not sure if I’m retrospectively going crazy, but is there a manual for the midipal v1.4 firmware? I thought I found a nice description of the updated poly mode of the dispatcher app a while back, but maybe I just figured it out myself. I’ve also only just noticed that there were extra features in v1.4: cc control of the midipal settings and “notes as clocks”. Would be nice to have one document, or are midipal users all now experts? ;-). Or is v1.2 the one we should be using?

I’m also interested in this - the downloads page seems to all be 1.2 but I have 1.4. Just trying to work out the differences. Cheers

Hi Cain77,
I guess you found this link here?

I think this became 1.4, although apart from in github and the version number in the code I can’t find a good reference for v1.4.

Hi littleal - I have a MidiGal that came with the 1.4 firmware, I then tried the MidiGal firmware but when I wanted to load midipal again could only find 1.2 on the official downloads page. But my OCD made me want to get 1.4 back so I eventually found it here via a german forum -
So I’m back on 1.4 :slight_smile: The only issue is, like you, I’d like to know what the differences are, just in case I’m overlooking any cool features/important factors.

The changes between v1.2 and v1.4 are:

  • A new app called ‘settings’ allows some global system settings to be defined, such as 0xFE message handling (let them go or filter them) and more goodies (see below).
  • The MIDIpal can now be edited using CC messages. CC #80 changes the first parameter, CC# 81 the second parameter and so on. The whole CC range (0 to 127) is mapped to the range of each parameter. The ‘remote control’ channel is defined in the settings app (setting called “ccc” for “cc channel”), and can be of course disabled - when the channel is set to 0.
  • The length of the arpeggiator rhythmic pattern can be altered - this allows many new crazy irregular rhythms!
  • The CC LFO app can now send pitch bend messages. Wowowowow. To do so, select CC# 127 - a modulated pitch-bend message will be sent instead of a CC# 127.
  • The clock divider app now has a built-in clock delay function. For example, when the delay is set to 6; the transmission of the START message and of the subsequent clock ticks is delayed by 6 clock ticks. This can be used to create interesting time-shifting effects between two drum machines or sequencers.
  • The MIDIpal can now be clocked by using note messages on a user-selectable channel. To do so, select a note number (cln), a MIDI channel (clc) and a division (div) in the Settings app; and configure the clock source of the app (sequencer, arpeggiator…) to not. Whenever the corresponding note is received on the corresponding channel, the clock advances by div divisions.

Thanks! I had not seen all these cool features before.

But isn’t there also a change in the poly mode of the dispatcher - i.e. a “pol” (polyphony per channel) and “num” (number of channels), which means the full polyphony is the product of these two values? Or did I miss something?

Here are the comments from the v1.4 code in module midipal/voice_allocator.cc that is responsible for Dispatcher app “pol” mode implementation:

// First, check if there is a voice currently playing this note. In this case
// this voice will be responsible for retriggering this note.

// Then, try to find the least recently touched, currently inactive voice.

// If all voices are active, use the least recently played note.

The commented code is executed at NoteOn time and returns voice number given the note value.

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Hi, I have a little problem with firmware1.4, it seems that clock divided don’t work properly, the clock is not divided at all. With firmware 1.2 works fine.

When I go in the divider, the clock don’t go out and don´t divided. When I go to the main menu back the clock is jump back, but 1:1 (midi in:midi out) of course.
I use the divider for external delay for example (1:2, 1:3…), in the firmware 1.2 everything works fine.
Do I set something else, for example is there some new function about it (global settings)? Thank you for answer.