MIDIpal - used out and back to same synth as "function expander?"

I’m interested in a MIDIpal, and I’m wondering if it can be used with one synth as a MIDI “send and return” - to connect the synth’s MIDI out to it, then send the Paul’s output back to that synth’s input. My idea is to use it with a minibrute to add an SH 101 style sequencer to the brute, using the keys to program the sequence and then the pal to play the sequence right back in.

Does the keyboard allow you to do a local off? Then you can pass the midi out to the pal and back into the input, and it shouldnt cause any problems as long as the brute doesnt retransmit data from the input to the output

This works with the Monotribe but have to disconnect midi in upon playback :slight_smile: