MIDIpal transfert sysex

Hello everyone,
I can not make my transmission SYX files (for: user prg).
Does someone can tell me how to configure MIDIOX / MidiYoke ?
(or what is the easiest software to transfer SYX.?)

Is what routing is correct ?
Thank you in advance for your answers

Have you tried elektron C6?

not yet, I’ll try to find it

I can not do either with C6

Is what I need Midiyoke soft or equivalent for transfert with elektron C6?
Is what the sysex file remains in memory when I stop MIDIpal?
Do I have to send my programe use at every Bootup? Perhaps it explain what I do not get to do the loading process !

Try a different midi adapter. I tried 2 that didn’t work before I found one that did. Apparently not all midi adapters are sysex friendly.

What do you mean by “midi adapter” ?

User programs are saved in memory.