MidiPal Sysex editing

I recently picked up a roland d20 (Mostly working this time; just broken keys), and would like to be able to get a bit more hands-on control over things, as well as an arpeggiator etc. I’m contemplating building a MidiPal (or one of it’s derivitives, like the MidiGal) for this, as it seems to fit the bill pretty well, and I’ve already got most of the required components. The only problem is that the roland d20 only accepts SysEx commands to edit the settings. Would it be possible to set up a MidiPal to convert midi CC to Sysex? If not, how hard would it be for me to patch the appropriate functionality into the firmware?
Thanks in advance.

> Would it be possible to set up a MidiPal to convert midi CC to Sysex?


> If not, how hard would it be for me to patch the appropriate functionality into the firmware?

From 3 hours of quick hacking to 3 years of intense learning depending on your programming skills :slight_smile:

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I’m sort of average at programming; I’ve done stuff with C++ on the arduino and MBed, as well as a few bits of assembly, python, and basic. I’ve had a bit of look at the code on github, and I think I sort of understand a bit of what’s going on. I’ll probably make one, and have a bash at tweaking the firmware to suit.
I presume I’d have to replace one of the other apps with an app specifically for handling this, to free up enough space. Would the SysExByte command be usable to send out the data?

I have posted a thread on the discussion board concerning the Roland Boutiques Midi Implementation Problem, which has been solved under certain circumstances (bcr2000, live, tb midi stuff) but there is no hardware-only solution to the problem that you can´t automate the filter without using sysEX in 7-bit values. Which is really a pity for a newly developed piece of equipment but i see the MidiPAL as the most probable contender to mediate. How realistic do you thin this is?

It’s not difficult, but the intersection of the sets of people who: 1/ own a midipal, 2/ own a Roland Boutique synth, 3/ know how to code is quite small.

Thank you for your soulcrushing answer full of hope. soulcrushing because i fear i need to become the intersection and full of hope because you at least say it can be done and it is not astronomically difficult. My suspicions is, that all necessary procedures are existent and optimised and just need proper rerouting/stream conversion. I will set out to assemble a working orkish prototype from stolen scripts loosely sown together. Waaaagh!

Perhaps your soul is just weak. That is actually good information from Pinch’

Just came across this thread…
@mushroom Are there any news? I also own a D-20 and did some programming experiments some time ago… Am I right that you try to control the synth parameters by a MIDI controller like a substitute of a PG-1000?

There has been a PG-10 for the D-110/D-10/D-20 family. But don’t expect too much: all of these can’t really be real-time controlled. All parameter changes can only be heard when a new note ist played. You could try editor software to get a feeling for what you can expect from these oldies.
They have their nice spots, but it’s definitely not realtime control! :slight_smile:

so to follow up, i was of course to lazy to reprogram my midiPal, i found a workaround with gear i already had, using an ipad w. tbmidistuff (which knows SYSEX, YEY!). automation information from a midicontroller is sent to tbmidistuff (using a 10$ JP-08 layout mod for tbmidistuff available online) where i would either latch the sysex control information into the midi channel carrying the note information or from the device onto another midi channel to record the automation.

all you need is to have tbmidistuff receive 2 channels of informations, latch it into one channel, onto the device and have the midi information from tbmidistuff send out the automated information on its own channel which should not transmit onto the JP-08 (careful, midi routing! you can easily create unnerving feedback loops which you will see when the sliders in the JP-08 layout start to wiggle in high frequency without obvious control changes, tbmidistuff will crash from time to time if that happens)

I did write a long explanation how i did it into IKs IRIG2 question forum, so if that confuses you too much, there you should find the exact routing settings i used personally.

And to sum it up, the JP-08 is a shit synthesizer lacking basic functionality and in the end only capable of 4 basic string sounds that lack the punch i expected. sold.