MIDIpal Setup Question

Hi guys

Just stumbled across the midipal whilst searching for something else. I am particularly interested in the chord memory and arp to begin with and I’m thinking of buying it just for those, but have a few questions regarding setting it up with my gear.

Right, the first thing, I have a few synths that I would want to use this with, but I don’t really want to keep unplugging it for each synth. I have a midisport 8x8 patchbay, can I use it with the midipal so I can use it on any synth?

Also, if I wanted to, could I hook up the midipal’s midi to a master midi controller which is connected to a daw (logic) to do the same thing with audio units?

Thanks, and sorry if these are a couple of really dumb questions!

Yes and Yes! The 8x8 allows you to route everything through one of the x8 outputs in standalone mode, but you may need to install an old driver since they removed the patchbay editor in recent versions of the drivers.

cool! Thanks a lot herrprof, this seems ideal!

I take it updating the firmware is easy to do on a Mac? I hope!

Thanks again, ordering

is this where all of the firmware for the midipal?


this all seems to be v1.2, is this the correct firmware to be using for the patchbay editor that herrprof is referring to?


Im talking about the m-audio patchbay editor, not the midipal.

ooooh haha, ok cool, thanks! :slight_smile:

He meant the firmware for the 8x8.
[as always a few seconds behind]

Once installed it will look like this

edit cause I was wrong (needed coffee):

you should patch your keyboard/controller/whatever input to rout into input 8 into the midipal and then output of 8 into all the inputs of all your midi devices.

Great!, thanks for the help herrprof, seems pretty simple

Here is a DIY solution for MIDI thru that I use and like: MIDIThru

Hi guys, just a quickie

I cant seem to find any drivers for the midisport which include the remote control software. Can I just not rout this via Audio Midi Setup and patch it exactly the same way?

I will try it, just waiting for the Midipal, just wanted any advice beforehand


sure, but you wont be able to have it work the way you want when not using a computer in standalone mode.

Thanks herrprof, going to give it a go!