MidiPal , "Scale" app + User Filter?

I am just wondering if it is possible to use a normal Scale App… whilst at the same time having a single Channel remap filter active?

basically I wasnt to use a keyobord fixed on channel 1 , to play a tone module on Channel 2 , and use the Scale app to play in some unusual scales etc?

I know the main apps are “1 app at a time” but what about custom rules made in the programmer? is it an “either / or” situation of can you get the normal MidiPal Apps to work under the filtered conditions?



Hmm, just use 2 MidiPals?

hmmm… buying 2 midipals and doing all the SMD soldering again vs finding out if it would be possible to mod the code or even if it is possible already??? think for now I will try to find a work around :slight_smile:

I will probably end up with 2 or three of these babies, but i need to explore how ot get the most out of the one I own so far.



PS all sarcasam is good natured, I do appreciate the reply.

Me and Sarcasm are 2 disjoint subsets…

The “custom filters” thing is an app in itself. Only one app at a time can be active.

Just to round up this thread…I got around this with a bit of re routing on my other gear.

I am so in love with the midi pal is is a wonderful tool